Spotlight on: The 4th Estate Project

As I write this, we are in the culminating moments of the 2012 Presidential Campaign. Our Project has come to be closely identified with the campaign. However, the project has always been intended to have a life cycle far beyond just the campaign. We recognised the campaign as a perfect foil for the release of our technology into the public sphere, and our success to date has been a magnificent validation of that. We are deep in the planning stages of designing what we will be when we grow up – after the Election. We will of course, at some point, expand our coverage into other vertical high-impact domains such as Energy Policy, Healthcare, and the Financial Markets in some form. But what we are truly excited about is expanding in highly specific ways into these other domains. For example, rather than analysing Energy in an overly general fashion, we will analyze Energy as a domain that includes multiple interconnected domains such as “Energy Sources”, “Climate Change” and “Extraction”. Eventually, we envision the 4th Estate Project as a repository that spans all of the important issues and stories of the day, and allows a trusted journalist-reader relationship to flourish in the brave new transparent world of today.