Reflections of a Newsosaur: The incredible shrinking newspaper audience

∷ The number of people who used a print newspaper in the last week to get local news ranged from 36% in metro areas to 42% in small cities, according to a study released in late September by the Pew Research Center.

∷ In its September study, Pew found that, notwithstanding some variances based on market size, roughly two-thirds of consumers go to three or more sources for local news each week. “Urban and suburban residents also use a wider variety of local news sources on a regular basis,” said Pew.

∷ The sharp generational divide in newspaper readership is illustrated in a national study released earlier this month by a research unit at the New York Times. While 53% of the Boomer generation (those 55 and older) said they read print newspapers, only 22% of Millenials (ages 18-34) and 32% of Generation Xers (ages 35-54) used the medium.

:: Another dimension of the generational divide is illustrated in a study produced in April by Burst Media, an ad-targeting service. The company found that Facebook ranked second only to news sites as the place where sub-Boomers consumed political news. While 44% of Millenials used news sites for political information, 22% of the cohort used Facebook and 17% used YouTube to learn about politics. At the other end of the spectrum, 53% of Boomers relied on news sites and only 8% used Facebook and 7% used YouTube. The usage pattern for GenXers was 49% for news sites, 12% for Facebook and 6% for YouTube.