Begging Over Social Media Is How The News Gets Photos Now | Popular Photography

There have been many articles written from just about every angle about how citizen journalism via social media is pretty much the new norm. Try to watch any news channel for more than 3 minutes without having a Tweet read to you or seeing someone’s Instagram photo. You can’t do it. But as Hurricane Sandy is hitting the east coast, this is more evident than ever. The screenshot above is from a photo posted by Twitter user Nick Cope. It shows Red Hook, Brooklyn flooded by a storm surge. It’s a fine picture with a very interesting subject, but it’s funny to see how many news outlets can be found in the discussion portion of the page asking for rights to use the image. Local NY news station, NY1, The New York Daily News, HuffPo, Weather Nation and others all make an appearance. Even Storyful makes an appearance. They’re a pay service that provides bits of information to news organizations. In a way, the comment section is being turned into a make-shift contract, but the legality of the whole thing is murky at best. If you upload an image directly through Twitter, you’ve already granted them a pretty generous license, which would allow them to syndicate the photo wherever they want without so much as involving you.